Model parameters

Fugacity calculations
Output Units
Speed level
Taking into account shell pressure drop
Use of prev calculations
P/t pressure correction
OD/ID dimension correction
Model number
P/t degradation (%)
Alpha degradation (%)
Feed pressure(psig)
Permeate low pressure (psig)
Temperature (C)
Flow index(%)
Number of requirement
Defined flow
Defined flow value
Defined value
Feed gas inlet location

Shell Data

Bundle outer diameter(inch)
Extraction tube outer diameter(inch)
Active bundle length(inch)
Length of tube covered by holes(inch)
Membrane area per module(ft2)
Inner diameter of extraction tube(inch)
Hole diameter(inch)
Number of holes per inch
Hole pressure drop coefficient
Module Data
Outside diameter (mils)
Inner diameter(mils)
Fiber length(inches)
Pot length(inches)

Gas components

Component Feed conc (%)
Load Init values